Low Back Pain & Sciatica

Low back pain & Sciatica are common problems affecting millions worldwide. Pain may be a result of derangement of one or a combination of the intervertebral disc, facet joints, nerves or ligaments. In simplistic terms these conditions are similar to derangement of tendons. ligaments and cartilage of other joints in the body e.g.: knees, hips, shoulder etc. Derangement of these structures is usually due to a combination of genetic predisposition, life style, known macro injury or unknown day to day micro injury and smoking. 

The diagnosis of the culprit lesion is not always easy and is made after a careful history, clinical examination that allow narrowing the differential diagnosis. This is then corroborated with careful review of imaging studies. For example, a history of discogenic pain should prompt a careful search for an annular tear in intervertebral discs and a history of sciatica should prompt a search for nerve compression by a disc herniation. 

Treatment Options: The most recent advances in Percutaneous (pin hole) Non Surgical Radiological Interventional Procedures turn all current surgical options on their head. This is welcome news for those who cannot or will not have surgery and are left to live in chronic pain and disability. 

Sciatica and Disc Herniation:  Non surgical pin hole outpatient discectomy can be performed under local anaesthetic in half an hour. After this pin hole treatment you walk out of the clinic. This is usually for those with disc bulge or herniation. You will need someone to drive you home.

Low Back Pain: The most recent advances of regenerative percutaneous techniques aim to heal the damaged disc naturally, without any surgery. Following a pin hole treatment that usually takes half an hour, the patient is able to walk out of the clinic. This regenerative procedure is usually for those with discogenic low back pain from narrowed discs, facet and ligament degeneration with arthritis. 

Sciatica versus Inflammatory Radiculopathy