Why Us!

Image Guided Therapy Clinic (IGTC) is the only fully accredited privately owned interventional radiology clinic in Australia, entirely dedicated to treating patients with state of the art Non- Surgical procedures. Our model of care is innovative and unique. We ensure accurate diagnosis and non surgical treatment under one roof. We provide a personalised service and evidence based medical treatment that is currently possible. We are dedicated to identifying and treating pain generators, damaged tissues and degenerated body parts. 
We are at the forefront in Non-surgical treatment procedures delivered under high resolution accurate image guidance into the affected body part. We use state of the art innovative methods to enable natural healing. Our procedures are wide and varied - ranging from Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, Regenerative Medicine using Stem Cells, Ablation Therapy and Non surgical intervertebral discectomy. 

Our Experience Shows!

This specialist service is exclusively for patients with musculoskeletal, neural, spinal, tendon, joint, cartilage, arthritis and related conditions. We are dedicated to image guided interventional management of degenerative conditions of nerves, joints, tendons, bursae and the spinal column. We use Autologous Blood (ABI), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Conditioned Serum, Autologous Stem Cells, Ablation therapies for various conditions.  Non surgical discectomy is also offered at IGTC. All procedures are carried out by our highly trained interventionists with pre and post treatment follow up consultation. 

We focus on identifying the cause and treating the cause rather than the symptom. This allows a long term favourable outcome. 

With an ageing population there is an increase in degenerative conditions of the joints, tendons, cartilage, disc and nerves. 

By specialising exclusively in correct diagnosis & non surgical treatment, we have unparalleled experience in all musculoskeletal, spinal and neuropathic conditions. 

We are your one stop shop for best all round medical care. 

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